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2011-02-10 - 7:06 p.m.

Here's my six month update! Alot has changed since I last updated. I did finally find a group of friends I fit in with and started to go out more often. And I currently do have a boyfriend that I did not find on a dating site. *smile* I had met him a long time ago through my friend Russ, and we hit it off, but i didn't think of him in a dating sense. He was alot of fun and we immediately connected on the sense of humor level and I guess he liked me, but I just didn't think of him that way. He's kind of goofy looking - tall, thin, glasses and a big nose. But then sometime around August, we all went a whitewater rafting trip in Richmond, Va and he came along. It was pretty much the second time he and I had hung out. And as silly and superficial as it sounds - he took off his shirt. And I was pleasantly surprised by what he had underneath! He works alot, so he's got a nice body. He's not all big and stocky, I'd say more lean - like a swimmer. Which is my favorite. He is also so so funny. I can honestly say he is the funniest person I have ever met- he was making me laugh without even trying that whole trip. So, I think, I started to look at him differently. When we had first met, he had requested me on Facebook and emailed me a few times, but it kind of fell off. I hadn't talked to him in a long time. But now, that I was interested, he was acting stand off-ish. We started hanging out more in group settings as I became better friends with people he hung out with. And I tried to flirt with him a few times with no success. Tried to email him something on facebook once with no response. I thought it was pretty much a done deal. But fortunately, I got another chance. We both hung out at our friend, Ashleigh's house a few times. And on both occasions we ended up being the last two people awake, just hanging out in her living room talking. I would get drunk and lost all inhibitions and had no problem with laying my head on his lap and he would rub his hand on my stomach. Nothing happened the first time. He's shy. But the second time, he told me he wanted to kiss me. And I told him to go ahead and do it then. And thats pretty much how it all started. We've been dating for about 4 months now. I like him alot. I love to be around him and hate being away from him and he feels the same. I even brought him home with me for Christmas. Not so much because it was a big step and I wanted him to meet my family - it was more because I didn't want to be away from him for that long!
But of course, the Air Force likes to fuck things up for me. So, I am away from him right now as I am in AFghanistan for a 6 month deployment. I've been here about a month now - 5 to go. I didn't want to come onto this deployment at all - but unfortunately, they don't care if you want to go or not. It kind of sucks, but it could be worse. I'm working at Camp Bastion - which is a British base kind of southwest of Kandahar. We're in a pretty safe place considering the area. We don't get attacked and I don't have to carry around a gun or wear Kevlar - so thats good. But while I work at the British base, I live on a US Marine base which is connected. And the Marines are not nearly as spoiled as the Air Force. They don't have all the amenities an Air Force base would have. I had a lot of trouble getting Wi Fi access - finally got it, but its a good ten minute walk from my room. I can't get on FAcebook at work. I work 12 hour shifts and have had 2 days off in the month that I've been here. But thats okay because there is absolutely nothing to do on a day off. I can't drink. This is by far the longest I've gone without a drink in years. It sucks.
But like I said, it could be worse. So, I try not to complain too much. I just hope time flies so I can get out of here. And back home.
Things with Zack (my boyfriend) have been fine since I've been here. We email daily and get to talk on the phone about 5 days a week. ANd I usually can get a skype in with him one or two times a week. I was worried about being apart for 6 months so early into our relationship - but I think we'll be fine. We will see.

Anyway, my job here is at a CASF (Contingency Aerospace Staging Facility). We're not a hospital, but we work very closely with the British hospital on base. When troops are injured downrange - they are flown out to the nearest hospital. Which in our area - would be the British hospital here. Our job is to get them out of here the next level of care. Which is usually in Germany or back to the States. So, we go pick up the patients from the hospital, load them onto our vehicles and then transport them to the flightline to be flown out. Some of them are injured pretty bad and some are pretty minor. It just depends. Sometimes we can just have them walk on and off the bus and aircraft and sometimes we have to carry them on litters. Sometimes they're not so heavy and sometimes they are hooked up to so many machines that we need 8 people to lift them onto the bus and the aircraft.
Sometimes, the patients with minor injuries or psych issues actually stay at our CASF. Usually for just a day or two until they are flown out or returned to duty. They are mostly Marines. Its actually a pretty interesting job and if I had to pick something to do while deployed, it would be this. So, thats good.

but anyway, thats whats going on with me right now. I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year. I left a few days after New Year's, so I didn't feel like I needed to. I'm giving up so much against my will anyway! But i'll be back in July. My sister is supposed to get married in August (although there are some problems there - so I'm not even sure its gonna happen.)And Zack should be waiting for me, so I'm just looking forward, excited about that. Anyway, I'm gonna get going. Its m night off, but I've been on the computer for a few hours now and I'm bored with it! So, I'm gonna go up to work and watch TV. See you in 6 months!


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